Wednesdays With Andrew: Whoa this episode actually falls on July 4th

Happy Independence Day to all my USA listeners, and uh, happy normal regular day to everybody else. We have a special, stats-packed episode of #WednesdaysWithAndrew today and we go 100% ‘murican bands (well almost 100% you’ll see)

Featuring music from Rise Against, Anti-Flag, Leonard Cohen, NOFX, Bad Religion, Dead Kennedys, Strike Anywhere and more!


Liner notes:

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  1. Die for your government by Anti-Flag
  2. Sunset on 32nd Street by Strike Anywhere
  3. Perfect Government by NOFX
  4. Follow the leader by Bigwig
  5. Bleed for me by Dead Kennedys
  6. Take the power back by The Interrupters
  7. The Kids are Alt-Right by Bad Religion
  8. stick the fucking flag up your goddam ass, you son of a bitch by Propagandhi
  9. State of the Union by Rise Against
  10. Everybody knows by Leonard Cohen

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In case you wanna peruse the literature on some of the stats I shared on today’s episode, go nuts:

that’s it, I am out, go enjoy the day folks

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